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StayGreen Irrigation

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TJ McBride

Perfection Guaranteed


Hi there. My name is TJ McBride, owner of Staygreen Irrigation and outdoor lighting.  We serve Toronto and the surrounding area in both irrigation and landscape lighting needs.  From residential to commercial, our skilled team will make any yard into your own personal retreat.

Opening Staygreen Irrigation and Outdoor lighting in 2010 was the beginning of something special. We were able to focus on what was important to us.  Our clients. We install only the best quality parts including heads, timers and valves but also parts the customers don’t see, like piping, elbows and connectors. 


We use only  the  best quality parts so our customers stay worry free and we don’t have to come back and charge for repairs. We are so confident in our systems that we offer our lifetime warranty on all are parts we install!


Call us today at 705-241-9595 for a free quote.

In business since 2010

Sprinkler System
StayGreen Irrigation
StayGreen Irrigation
StayGreen Irrigation
StayGreen Irrigation
StayGreen Irrigation

Let us build your Oasis


In the tapestry of outdoor aesthetics, Staygreen Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting weaves a story of seamless harmony between nature and design. Beyond the practicality of efficient water delivery, we illuminate your outdoor spaces with a touch of artistry, transforming ordinary landscapes into enchanting realms.


Our commitment extends beyond technical expertise; it's about cultivating a relationship founded on trust and shared vision. With precision in irrigation and a flair for innovative lighting, we craft outdoor experiences that resonate with your unique style.


Let us be your trusted partners in not only nourishing your green haven but also casting it in a captivating, radiant glow that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and the enduring beauty of your outdoor sanctuary.

Outdoor Lighting
StayGreen Irrigation

Satisfaction Guaranteed 


We’re not happy unless you are.  Our objective from day one is customer complete satisfaction.  Whether we are designing in ground sprinklers, outdoor lighting or both, we make sure the customer is 100% comfortable of the layout, cost and is well informed of all our professional grade products we use.  



We are so confident in the work we do and the products we use that we offer a lifetime warranty on all parts and service when you allow Staygreen to open and close your irrigation system.  There’s a reason why Staygreen continues to grow.  Trust.   We are there when you need us.  

StayGreen Irrigation
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